Historical Centre and Museum of the Resistance in Drome and Deportation (FRANCE)
Les actions pédagogiques

Educational activities

Those lectures are aimed at young generations who did not experienced this period of history.

Actions aim :

  • To inform, to show what can man become for other men, in some circumstances, under some influences,

  • To draw their attention and watchfulness on what happens today in the world, and on the repetitions of history.

  • To train them to the Resistance and Deportation National Competition (help for researches)

Various types of activities :

Photo visite du musée par un groupe d'élève

The students or pupils are welcome to the Museum and to the Documentation Centre. After the guided tour, talk over a document or genuine evidences.

Delegation of the Museum at an educational establishment

Some members of the Comity of the Historical Centre visit the students and pupils at their educational establishment. After a video projection, talk over various subjects.

For more infos :

Contact the official co-ordinator (see the contact page).



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