Historical Centre and Museum of the Resistance in Drome and Deportation (FRANCE)
La mission, le devoir de mémoire

The mission : the duty to remember

A still forbidden subject

Everybody heard of General De Gaulle's appeal to the French nation on June 18th 1940, and of Jean Moulin who unified all the Resistance Movements, of the Occupation, of the Collaboration and Deportation...

But for a lot of people there are still forbidden subjects, subjects difficult to tackle with , belonging to a too recent memory dealing with still alive persons and relatives, who, at some moment of their lives, had chosen different options squearing with special firm beliefs motives or with special circumstances.

The circumstances of History, the events and the coming out of some men, the choice to collaborate with the winner had disastrous human consequences and allowed excessive atrocities and suffering.

The choice to resist to the occupying forces proved a more perspicuous choice, and the "Resistance", took part at the cost of heavy losses, and a lot of suffering in the freeing of oppressed peoples and in the fall of Nazism.

Far from passions, the historical centre of the Resistance and Deportation devotes itself to ...

...making the events which darkened our history remembered,

...passing on the memory , informing and arousing the young generations' interest and watchfulness to the repetitions of history...

...to prevent things from happening again.

To perform this mission, the centre has several tools at its disposal :

The Museum : a tool to reach large audiences, a showcase both emotional, informative and educational. (guided tour) (practical informations).

The specialized documentation Centre : well-stocked (over 700 books and 1 000 documents. A tremendous mine of information let at the students', researchers' and historians' disposal. (the library).

The educational actions : particularly intended for the young generations who did not experience this period of history, to show them what can man become for other men, in some circumstances, under some influences, and to draw their attention to the repetitions of history(educational actions).

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