Historical Centre and Museum of the Resistance in Drome and Deportation (FRANCE)
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  • The rise of nazism
  • The phoney war (1939)
  • Armistice and June 18 Call
  • Occupation and Collaboration
  • The Resistance gets organized
  • The Resistance spreads out
  • The armed Resistance
  • Repression
  • Deportation and internment
  • The liberation in Drome
  • Videos

  • Occupation and Collaboration

    Montoire, October 1940 In july 1940, Pétain is appointed head of the frenc state.

    In October 1940, in Montoire, he gets involved in collaboration with the german occupying forces who systematically loot the french production, thus starving populations.

    Ration coupons France is occupied : (Occupied France)
    Start of a restriction and black market period : measures ration coupons for food, oil etc are brought in. A STO (Service du Travail Obligatoire), forced work in Germany, for the benefit of the german military force, is organized.

    Star of David Enforcement of anti-jews laws :

    Start of a progressive segregation of Jews, first economic then social...
    Stars of David appear on their clothes...
    Early beginnings of Jew-baiting and deportation.

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