Historical Centre and Museum of the Resistance in Drome and Deportation (FRANCE)
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  • The rise of nazism
  • The phoney war (1939)
  • Armistice and June 18 Call
  • Occupation and Collaboration
  • The Resistance gets organized
  • The Resistance spreads out
  • The armed Resistance
  • Repression
  • Deportation and internment
  • The liberation in Drome
  • Videos

  • The Résistance get organized

    Some men revolt against the occupying forces and the Nazi order

    In Drome, like anywhere else in France, the first groups of freedom fighters are very limited units (3 or 4 individuals), who, as early as winter 40/41, organize underground intelligence services for the Allies.

    Those services will be operational till the end of war.

    Slowly beefing up, these little units will become very efficient intelligence and action networks.

    FEnd of 41 beginning of 42, the groups of freedom fighters, until then scattered, will be gathered in "Resistance Movements", those latter, often mingled with the resistance networks. So were created movements like "Combat, Liberation, O.R.A., Franc-tireur, Front National de la Résistance".

    These movements will organize an underground press, and prepare the Liberation, on the practical as well as the political level.

    Signal communications              Underground press, headlines

    To know more about the organization of the Resistance in Drome

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