Historical Centre and Museum of the Resistance in Drome and Deportation (FRANCE)
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  • The rise of nazism
  • The phoney war (1939)
  • Armistice and June 18 Call
  • Occupation and Collaboration
  • The Resistance gets organized
  • The Resistance spreads out
  • The armed Resistance
  • Repression
  • Deportation and internment
  • The liberation in Drome
  • Videos

  • Internment

    Dehumanizing process

    How far can go endoctrinated men's blindness and barbarity ?

    Arrests start in 1941 and increase until 1944.

    Whole trains of men, women and children leave for camps...

    Truck door

    In cattle trucks for 8 horses, or 40 soldiers, over 120 crowded internees, leave for an agonizing journey, lasting nights and days, without any hope of returning. Many of them succumb to asphyxia and to the torture of overcrowding.
    internees     Camps

    Concentration camp , death camp...

    Drome paid a heavy cost in human life :
    543 men and women will be sent to concentration camps,
    285 of them will never come back

    Among them, Bruno Larat, from Romans, SAP (Services Atterrissages et Parachutages - Landing and Dropping Services) responsible for the french territory, will die in Dora.

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