Historical Centre and Museum of the Resistance in Drome and Deportation (FRANCE)
Origines et structures
L'Association Nationale des Anciens Combattants de la Résistance

L'Association Nationale des Pionniers et Combattants Volontaires du Vercors

La Fédération Nationale des Déportés et Internés Résistants et Patriotes

Origin and development of the Historical Centre

1972 : Creation of the Museum of the Resistance and Deportation
  • The national association of the Resistance Veterans (ANACR),
  • The national association of the Pioneers and the self enlisted Combatants of the Vercors,
  • The national Federation of deportees and internees, french fighters and Patriots (FNDIRP),
    went into commission so as to set up the Museum of the Resistance and Deportation. The latter was inaugurated on June 22d 1974.

    1994 : the Museum grows larger, evolves and becomes a Historical Centre
    The public's, students' and researchers' increasing interest, made the enlargement of the Museum, become Necessary.
    In comparison with the current events in the world, the aim was also to renew its display, in order to heighten the young generations' awareness and watchfulness to the repetitions of History.
    That is why , with the help of the city of Romans and of the Conseil Général of Drome, a new set up could be foun. It enabled us, through a clear and sober display, to give the Museum another prospect and another approach.
    A documentation and research service, as well as a meeting place (for studies, debates about films) complete the Centre.
    This new Centre, now called Historical Centre of the Rsistance in Drome and Deportation, was inaugurated on August 27th 1994.

    2004 : the Historic Centre opens up to the world via its website
    The Historic Centre heaps a step forward in communication, in opening a bilingual website. This website's immediate aim is to make the young generations discover the Museum and its documentation.
    It also intends to initiate contacts and exchanges between anyone, either French or foreign, interested in that historical period in our region.
    In the long run, its aim is to make its bibliographic documentation available on its site through a data base, answering multiple research criteria, becoming thus a tremendous tool for research and documentation.

    Website address : www.resistance-drome.org

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